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of what they want. let's make sure that middle class family and the american economy and the world economy are not adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. >> reporter: lawmakers pointed fingers in this high stakes game of chicken. >> it's the republicans who are holding hostage the middle class of america so that the wealthy do not have to pay their fair share. >> we could tax all the rich people and cut their heads off and it would not help the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: talk now of a smaller deal that extends bush tax rates for the middle class and extends unemployment benefits. but puts off major spending cuts and reform to entitlements like medicare. >> we're going to end up with a small, kick the can down the road bill that creates another fiscal cliff to deal with with
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fiscal cliff. >> reporter: lawmakers are talking about how to retroactively avoid going off the fiscal cliff on a new congress. the fiscal cliff debate is impacting people here in the bay area who's lives could dramatically change as soon as tomorrow. tom vacar is live at a highway work site in oakland and has the story of one woman and her looming fear. tom-- >> reporter: the people who work here are well paid and they're onvacaon. but for other people, the fiscal cliff might as well be a financial guillotine. though ilea thomas searches, she's been out of work for two years picking up any odd jobs as much as she can. >> it's been discouraging. i come in here three times a week and maybe i'll go to a friend's house and use their internet to look for work. >> reporter: long term
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unemployment benefits have been a life send. >> i can breathe a little while i'm looking for work. even though it's not the same amount that i was getting when i was working. >> but thomas is one of 400, 400,000 californians who will not be able to get medicare payments tomorrow. >> not being able to buy groceries, not being able to put food on the table, what am i supposed to do. a lot of family and friends giving me money, lending me money and just trying to look for work and not being able to be hired or get hired it's just, it's been really depressing. >> she's worried that some of those cut outs will not be able to cope. >> they may want to do something illegal just to put food on the table. >> reporter: her message to congress. >> the real people that are here that are looking for work, we have sleepless nights. and they need to put themselves in our shoes. >> reporter: she and 1.2 million other americans in
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those shoes. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the fiscal cliff, 1.2 million americans will lose their long term unemployment benefits the a deal can't be reached. a big deal of those people live in california. in the bay area we found there are more than 22,000 people in alameda and contra costa county who would lose their benefits. the national association of realtors says its index of pending home sales rose 1.5% in november to its highest levels in 2-1/2 years. the index came in at 106.4. 100 is the minimum level considered to be healthy. on wall street today the looming fiscal cliff deadline pushed stocks lower. the dow fell 158 points.
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two deaths in five hours, it was an especially deadly night in oak land. help is resting on outsider to bring peace to this city. >> reporter: opd is bringing in a big name with a very big reputation. some are wondering if that one person can be the change people want to see on the street. this afternoon crime scene technicians were still gathering evidence in one of two homicides that happened within a five hour period. >> we hear things happening in oakland but most of the time international avenue and other places. >> reporter: but last night the crimes that happen in other places was right across the street in east oakland. one person stabbed to death on walnut street. before that two people were shot and killed on mead avenue adding to the highest murder rate oakland has had in five years. opd is bringing in change maker bill bratton to curve crime in
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los angeles and new york city. usf professor tony rab era knows bratton. >> i think bill can be a valuable resource to any organization. but i think oakland has to do some internal soul searching if you will. >> reporter: rib era says the assumption that howard jordan needs to be told what to do to be successful is wrong. >> i take ownership as the chief of police that this stuff is happening on my watch. >> reporter: yesterday chief jordan said he welcomed bratton's inside, he has the name and credentials and had done it before the question is can he do it again in oakland. coming up tonight at 6:00, we will talk to an outspoking opd critic on what he says is a very surprising decision. noelle walker. new york city is on track for a record low number of homicides this year. and that's barring a flurry of homicides in the final few days
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of 2012. according to the nypd as of today there were 414 homicides this year. the previous record low was 471 back in 2009. compare that to 1990 when there were more than 2,200 homicides. more than half of new york's killers this year used guns. chicago may have hit a grid milestone last night. a homicide on the city's west side may have been its 500th this year. police say the official tally is 499 because of a killing earlier this month. that's been classified as inconclusive. chicago's homicide rate is up 17% this year, there haven't been these many killings in chicago since 2008 when there were 512 homicides. one man is under arrest accused of leading chp on a pursuit that ended with the death of an innocent victim. the bmw broadsided a lincoln last night not far from the oakland zoo. a female passenger in the lincoln was killed.
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three other people in the car were seriously injured. this all started around 11:20 last night after officers tried to stop the bmw for speeding at 90th and bancroft avenue. >> the driver of the bmw yielded to the officer as the officers were walking toward the bmw to contact the driver, that driver fled the scene and sped off. >> reporter: the driver is identified as 34-year-old moore of oakland. after the crash he and the passenger got out of the bmw and ran off. officers caught moore but the other suspect got away. el cerrito police caught and and arrested a man who was pistol whipping a woman. authorities have not released
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the victim's identity. police are hoping two people on a b.a.r.t. train can help identify a victim in a car accident. he was taken to john mere medical center where he underwent surgery. there's no word tonight on his condition. the rain is expected to move back into the bay area just a few hours from now. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with how much rain we can expect to see. >> the rainfall rates will be picking up this evening. already reports of a few scattered rain showers primarily up in the north bay. the key line has been very cold. here are some of the chilly numbers, 40s right now. 43 in fairfield currently. downtown san francisco 49 and san jose currently checking in around 50 degrees. here's a look at live storm tracker 2. not all is reaching the ground. but reports of rainfall at least a few sprinkles moving into parts of san francisco. san jose just some cloud cover. a few sprinkles, a few very light showers moving toward the bay bridge.
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and up in the north bay, santa rosa reporting some cloud cover but just up to the north, we do have light rain reported toward clover dale and the heelsburg area. in addition to the rainfall we're tracking some rainfall as well. those pink shades are snow being detected with the radar. snow levels coming down to 4800 to 4700 feet as we head into the evening hours. the one part of your weekend that is dry and we do have a high surf advisory to talk about. we'll let you know when that kicks into the area. what does all the rain mean for our water supply. the update we got on reservoirs in the south bay. a lot of snow has fallen this week in the sierra which translates into big business. mike leary is joins us after the green coming in after a white christmas. >> reporter: take a look at how much snow we have here in the sierra. merchants here are hoping that
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all of this white stuff will translate to green. they're saying this could be one of their best seasons ever. >> we'll see you in three days. >> reporter: business is booming at the board shop. where danica has been busy fitting kids for snow boots all day long. >> how many customers have you seen so far? >> hundreds. >> hundreds of customers. >> it was a line, it was packed all the way to the cash register. >> reporter: the steady line of customers means brandon moody can hire extra staff. with 10 people working today, with the usual being six. >> i think we're going to have a big year. and it's already a big year at truckee's wagon truck. where owner knows how to cater to a crowd that hails from all over the map. >> i have another question, show of hands how many of you
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are coming up from the bay area? is anybody coming from any other place? where are you from? >> central california. >> seattle. >> utah. >> san diego. welcome, welcome. >> this weekend visitors are feeling very welcome in a town that's white with snow. well businesses here in truckee like very much what they see so far. they're hoping to see more snow for the new year. reporting live in truckee, mike luery for ktvu channel 2 news. highway 1 south of big sur was scheduled to reopen a few moments ago at 5:00 after a rock slide closed the scenic highway for over a week. an emergency contractor was called in after sunday's landslide to clear debris. repair a 60-foot section of the highway and stabilize the slide area. while the road is open drivers should use caution while traveling through the area
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because of rough pavement and lose gravel. >> the people in this crowd are helping to feed 100,000 hungry san franciscans. >> and why they're looking into a deal involving hewlett packard head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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the bay area only college bowl game is set for tomorrow at at&t park. more than 30,000 fans from across the country are expected. as allie rasmus explains the game has a big impact on area nonprofits. >> reporter: it's the kind of pep rally you usually find on a college campus. but today the college crowd came to union square in san francisco.
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the arizona state sun devils and the navy mid-shipman will face off for the kraft hunger bowl tomorrow. >> there's 35 bowl games in the united states and we're the only bowl that is specifically devoted to a cause named after a cause. >> reporter: take a look at all the people in the crowd. for every person the bowl donates. >> that's a lot of meals for a lot of people who could really use the help. >> reporter: it adds up to 100,000 meals for hungry san franciscans. and it was not lost on the fans. >> it's a way to give back. a way to give back to the city. >> reporter: or the coaches. >> i've never been to a bowl game like this that involves people serving. >> reporter: that sense of service went beyond the bowl
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game. right after the pep rally, navy allumni and students went to volunteer. >> the good thing is knowing that people get to eat during the christmas season. and knowing that these aren't going to waste either. >> reporter: nothing was wasted here. not the students time or their money. instead their bowl game vacation was spent working toward a good cause. allie rasmus, ktvu news. a clinic in hayward that served 3,000 children has been saved from closure. the silva pediatric clinic will be purchased by another operation. the vasquez clinic will take over. the silva clinic had been in threat of closing. it turns out fatty foods have something in common with
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gets and -- with cigarettes and cocaine. it's addicting. when mice were put on a healthy diet, they experienced withdraw symptoms. the rodents had high anxiety and their behavior started to change. a new technology is giving new hope to paralyzed people. >> it feels great. it brings a smile to my face every time i use this. >> doctors at 30 hospitals around the country are using exoskeletons. it uses motors and a hip operated console. doctors say the benefits are dramatic including improvements this bone and muscle strength along with better circulation. >> technology is going to be the breakthrough that will allow them to be back on their feet, walk about, and perhaps a
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lot sooner than we will see. >> reporter: right now exos k eletons cost up to $40,000. but they believe one day they'll be less expensive. a woman was arrested in the christmas ambush. dawn wind bought the weapons for william spangler. william lost to the gun seller. the uss investigative department is investigating a group owned by hewlett packard. the company says the justice department is looking into alleged improper accounting
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under autonomies previous management. hewlett packard says it's cooperating with the investigation. a chinese court ruled an apple distributed unlicensed applications containing the work of chinese writers. apples are ordered to pay 165,000 u.s. dollars to eight chinese writers and two companies. apple is already appealing a second copyright infringement. the company has not said if it will appeal this latest movement. a leader of the environmental movement has died. rebecca tarbotton, 39 died wednesday while vacationing in mexico with her husband. the coroner determined she
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affixuated after water got into her lungs while swimming. russian leaders who have backed the azzad regime have agreed to meet. it's cold and gray and maybe even the threat of rain out there. mark tamayo is in the weather center. is it going to rain. >> we have been tracking a little more activity. that weather trend will continue as we head into the evening hours. grab an umbrella if you do have some evening plans. right now cloudy and cool. and multiple sweeps showing cloud cover. just some cloud cover in the south bay. there's development to the south and southwest of half- moon bay. we'll come in a little tighter and pick out around oakland some drizzle here. nothing too heavy just yet. up in the north bay, let me come in a bit tighter here up in the north bay, and some coverage here especially up the northern sonoma county reports
5:21 pm
of light snowfall out toward cloverdale. we will expand the maps once again and show you this, activity in the way of snow. the white shade approaching the the lake county. so that means we could have a dusting of snow up toward mount san helena, diablo and mount hamilton. you can see the system we have been watching the circulation developing out to our north and to our west. the cloud cover, the moisture will continue to be on the increase as we do head into the evening hours. here is our updated forecast, models showing you all the cloud cover. here we are 5:00 right now. lots of cloud cover out there and rain showers offshore. look what happens around now. the bulk of the activity right near the immediate shoreline and favoring part of the north bay over the next few hours. i would plan on more rain showers this evening and into
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your saturday morning. scattered showers start the day. temperatures in the 30s to the 40s. san jose around 40 degrees to start out your saturday. santa rosa 35, fairfield 33 degrees as far as the surf, those winds really pushing up the swell. as a result a high surf advisory begins 10:00 this evening lasting until 10:00 saturday evening. we'll be on the increase. just be extra careful as you move into the coastline. waves will be topping 15 feet, 14 to 16 feet as we head into your saturday. coming up the one part of your weekend that will be completely dry. an early look at your new year's eve forecast. a lawsuit has been filed against the operators of the fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. why some american sailors said they were put at risk. as california waits for proposition eight, another state prepares for gay marriages. where same-sex couples will start tomorrow.
5:23 pm
>> and american families stuck on limbo, as russian government suspends adoptions. >> and how tunnel helped reshape a city. >> a new high tech plan to fight drunk driving in california. why some are telling it it won't work tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. we have breaking news to tell you about right now. this is a live picture from news chopper 2 as a boat is outlooking for two swimmers who are reported missing near the golden gate bridge. the word we have right now is that a caller called authorities to say that two swimmers were spotted near the north tower of the golden gate bridge. right now the coast guard is launching a search and rescue operation to try to locate the swimmers. right now we don't have any word that the swimmers have
5:26 pm
been spotted by rescuers but they are actively looking for those people in the water right now: you can see one boat right there is under way. trying to locate people and as you can tell by these pictures they have their search lights on. it is dark or getting dark and that's going to make the search even more problematic. i just checked with mark tamayo and he checked the water buoy at the area. the water temperature is 53 degrees so very, very cold. we don't know if they are surfers who might have been wearing wet suits who got separated from their boats or if they are people just out there trying to swim in swim trunks or something like that. but we will keep our eye on this situation. again two swimmers reported missing near the north tower of the golden gate bridge. eight u.s. sailors are suing the utility that operating japan's quake damaged power plant. they said tokyo electric power lied about the radiation levels from the plant after the quake and tsunami in march of last
5:27 pm
year. the swimmers were sailing in the u.s.s. ronald reagan. the suit was filed in federal court in san diego saying the exposure to high levels of radiation could damage their health. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is heading back to work next week. a spokesman said she continued to recooperate at home and will resume her work schedule next week. doctors say clinton contracting a stomach virus earlier this month and became dehydrated, fainted and fell ultimately hitting her head. she was diagnose with a concussion and hasn't been seen in public for two weeks. former president george h.w. bush remains in critical condition in a hospital. the former commander in chief has been in the icu since sunday. the senior bush is surrounded by family. the bush family spokesman says the former president is alert and in good spirits. he says his physicians remain cautiously optimistic that the
5:28 pm
current course of treatment will be effective. same-sex couples will be allowed to get married in another state. in maine tomorrow, same-sex couples will be allowed to wed. in november, voters in maine, washington and maryland all approved same-sex marriage. new details on a brutal homicide. the possible motive on a case where the victims were left in the middle of a street. there are already several reservoirs overflowing because of the recent storms and now more rain is on the way. we'll show you if there are any reasons to be concerned. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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there's a case of two people found bound and gagged in a san francisco street has taken yet another strange turn. one man died and another was seriously injured after they they were found in the middle of a visitation valley street. david stevenson was there when the investigators made a surprisings finding. >> reporter: we witnessed an angry confrontation between the lead prosecutors in this case and a supporter of one of the suspects. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in this san francisco courtroom as prosecutors announced a sixth suspect in a brutal december 9 beating and homicide in which two victims were left bounded and gagged. >> the case continues to unfold like a bad movie plot. >> reporter: katherine wong also known as killer is the sixth person to be named in the death of reed.
5:32 pm
she was armed with a gun and assaulted him. an 18-year-old woman was found with reed also severely beaten. district attorney george gascon sited a possible motive. >> there might be some relationship of fraudulent use of credit cards. >> reporter: invest >> reporter: investigators found 50 to 60 blank credit cards, the same house the suspects went do after the murder to remove bloody carpet from an suv. a supporter of the suspects said, i hope you die, i don't like you. >> this is clearly very unsettling. especially because of the kind of people we're dealing with. we're dealing with people that obviously are not hesitant to kill someone. >> reporter: katherine wong's family declined to talk to us today. they said their attorneys are still sorting out the relationship between the
5:33 pm
suspects. >> it seems that they all have known each other very long. >> reporter: investigators are also looking for fingerprints to tie the suspects to the crime. san francisco police are looking for a man who broke into a home and groped a woman while she was sleeping. it happened around 2:00 yesterday morning at the woman's home. police say the victim was awokened by a man touching her. he ran from the house and has not been found. the california supreme court has agreed that a suspect cannot be convicted of felony gang participation if they commit a gang for themselves. a known norteno gang member was convicted of a charge in connection with a robbery attempt. the high court said the charge did not qualify for the enhancement since he acted alone on the robbery. police have released the name of a woman killed
5:34 pm
wednesday on san pablo road. 50-year-old lindon hines of richmond was driving her volkswagen passat when a trail blazer crossed the median. authorities are still investigating the crime. pasadena police say the accident happened tuesday when they tried to pull over an suv for a traffic stop. but the suv sped up and slammed into a van. two people in the van died, including 10-year-old ping. if convicted they could face life in prison. ground breaking fire chief retired today. debra proyr became the second
5:35 pm
african american woman to head a fire department in the country. proyr says she doesn't know what she will do next. robert handa is live in the foothills. >> the weather right now isn't really doing much expect contributing to this beautiful view of the santa clara valley. but the concern isn't how much rain or snow will come but how much it could aggravate conditions left over from the previous storms. yubas reservoirs near morgan hill one of three south bay reservoirs that won't need any rain to overflow it's already happening. the santa clara district is now releasing water from yubas to try to prevent flooding. some people at yubas today can't believe the sudden change. >> it was very low. and in these past two storms we've had it really rose quickly and it's full. it's going over the spill way now. >> reporter: does that surprise
5:36 pm
you? >> yeah i am surprised. i'm always surprised with how much water comes out of the hills and seeps into the reservoirs. >> reporter: the water department does not expect more rain but is being cautious. >> the spillway is low compared to what the spillway was designed for. we did go ahead and alert residents that the reservoir was going to spill. >> reporter: many hillside and mountain top commune tips were concerned about extreme cold weather. people on mount hamilton have seen some snow this past week but are more concerned about the public's reaction to it. >> when it snows a lot and everybody comes up from san jose to play in the snow there's no way to keep people from accidentally driving off the road. >> reporter: local agencies are preparing if it snows, county park rangers could close mount hamilton to everyone but
5:37 pm
residents. calfire says it has already come up with a plan in case it floods at yuba reservoir. a report says facebook instagram lost almost 1/4 of its daily users during the week before christmas. online tracker app data says the plunge came after instagram announced then reversed a controversial change. an instargam spokesperson says app data report is not true. and app data says app use was down due to the holidays. traffic getting worse than normal than usual. the last criticalmass of the year is getting started. the last gathering happens on the last friday of every month starting on friday. they typically ride along the waterfront and market street before heading off to other neighborhoods. drivers have been warned and
5:38 pm
advised to expect delays. a patent attorney has been convicted to eight months in jail for trying to bribe a police officer who pulled him over while he was driving under the influence. a san mateo judge also ordered him to pay $2,000 in fines. he has declining bribing. why did the fbi might think she was a commune fist. >> a witness describes in detail how a surfing managed to fight off a bull shark. >> and the search is under way for two swimmers missing, we will have a live update in just a few minutes.
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5:41 pm
back to our breaking news near the golden gate bridge. here's a live picture, where the coast guard was searching for two swimmers who were reported missing near the north tower. we have just received word that two people have been pulled out of the water. however we do not have any information on their condition and exactly where the swimmers were located. again, two swimmers who were reported missing have been located and pulled from the
5:42 pm
water near the golden gate bridge. news chopper 2 is over the scene. we will continue to monitor the story and bring you information as soon as it becomes available. the fbi has just released files that shows they investigated marlin monroe's ties to communism. the fbi never found any instance of monroe was a communist. marlin monroe died 53 years ago at the age of 36. congress is extending the government's authority to monitor oversea calls without a court order. it was said to expire at the end of the year. president obama is expected to sign the bill, his signature would keep the program in operation for another five years. an australian surfer has lived to tell the tale of a
5:43 pm
harrowing shark attack. >> they've done an excellent job,. >> reporter: luke alan was shaken but obviously happy to have survived his encounter with a shark. alan was surfing in new south whales. suddenly a shark moved in and alan fought back. >> out of the blue, a bull shark just came up. on the third time he managed to get the board and drive it into the head of the shark. >> alan will have a few reminders of his ordeal. the shark left a bite wound on his thigh and took off one of his index fingers. a new attack is bringing awareness. who they're targeting and what it could mean for your personal information. >> and i'm still tracking some showers on live storm tracker 2. how much rain it will bring to your neighborhood and an
5:44 pm
early look at your new year's eve newscast. bay area families thrown into limbo by a ban that would ban americans from adopting russian children. >> she will suffer horribly if her child doesn't come. >> we will hear about their heartbreak and determination to hold out hope. >> at nelly's 100th anniversary how this tunnel helped reshape the city. >> and a new high tech plan to fight drunk driving in california. why some are telling us it won't work. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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5:46 pm
this week another big u.s. bank fell victim to hackers, the banking industry says these cyber attacks cause problems but that identity theft is not a concern. still as kyla campbell reports, banking customers are concerned. >> reporter: self-proclaims hackers are going after banks, just this week citigroup their goal is to keep customers from accessing their banking information online. that's bad news for americans who transfer money or pay bills
5:47 pm
online. >> i rely on my one bank for almost all of my transactions it would really cut me off from everything. >> reporter: these online hack -- hacktavist are not the same as thieves. >> it's not meant to steal information, it's meant to bring attention. >> reporter: they're working together to share information. they hope it'll help them stop hackers from accessing their websites. but security experts here this is just the start of a bigger problem. >> we've been increasingly dependent on it for every facet of our daily lives whether it's
5:48 pm
ourbacking, certain government services, our communications in general. we are increasingly vulnerable. >> reporter: financial groups say people should contact their banks immediately if they suspect any problems. more than 16,000 dock workers had threatened to walk off the job sunday which would cripple officers from houston to boston. today a federal mediator has apounced a -- announced a contract has been extended for 30 days. they agreed on the amount of royalty payments longshoremen receive for every container unloaded. and the california supreme
5:49 pm
court has ruled that picket lines are legal on private sidewalks. the supreme court says the law still allows stores to restrict or ban protesters as labor has special protection under state and federal law. a woman who's shocking gang rape and beating on a bus lead to daily demonstrations in india has died in a singapore hospital. protesters have called for the death penalty. the victim was moved to singapore for internal injuries. the attackers beat her and her male companion, stripped them naked and threw them off a bus. majority leader harry reed says the bill should not be stopped by the fiscal cliff. speaker john boehner has not
5:50 pm
decided whether to consider the bill before the current house session ends on january 3rd. more than 100,000 people are still sitting in the dark and cold in arkansas tonight. 130,000 homes and businesses are without power after a christmas day blizzard from more than 15-inches of snow to the state. utility crews are working around the clock. some areas may not get the lights back on until the new year. it's cold and gray out there, dark any way. >> already, we're tracking a few more rain showers with the radar right now. that trend will continue over the next few hours on live storm tracker 2. we'll take a closer look right now. a closer inspection. there we go at the live doppler sweeps. you see the south bay, reports of light rain moving into the san mateo county coastline also into pacifica. as you can see for this part of the region and checking more
5:51 pm
activity coming up. let me reset this for you. come in a little tighter once again. the light rain does the light green does translate to rainfall. up in the north bay, up around 3:00 or 4:00 we had light rain into the northern portions of sonoma county. toward clover dale. also out to the east we do have this. the coverage here, that is the snow. and the snow levels will be coming down to about 2,500, 3,000 feet as we head into the overnight hours. temperatures today not too warm. as you can see maxing out in the upper 40s to lower 50s. santa rosa 47, san jose 51 and oakland 53 degrees. showers for tonight will be developing most areas about 1/4 of an -- .25 of an inch to .5 an inch. this system will move in
5:52 pm
tonight into sunday morning. storm levels are coming down 2,700 feet. no weather or watches to talk about. still snow showers for your sunday. monday fair skies. here's our forecast model we'll take this into the evening hours. you will notice this an increase into the evening hours. up in the north bay, and then early tomorrow morning this gradually shifts out to the north moving in from the south. and then for your saturday, we will hold on to some shower chances especially for tomorrow morning. a slight chance into the afternoon hours but the coverage will be on the decrease. but still a chance of a shower right on into your saturday. as far as sunday it will be dry for the second half of the weekend. here is a look ahead as we do wrap up 2012. sunday just partly cloudy skies. we're trying to figure out new year's eve on monday. there is a chance of a light shower. some of the forecast models a little more aggressive at least
5:53 pm
for now. a bigger chance as we head into the evening hours. and we say hello to 2013 and maybe a few more shower chances into wednesday as well. >> all right, thank you mark. >> sure. as we prepare for a new year, the software program that experts think will be the prime target in 2013. and a snowy vigil marks a solemn anniversary in connecticut. the faiths that came together and their prayer for healing. >> if you got an i pad for the holidays you want to make sure you download the ktvu app on it. you will get bay area weather, and breaking news any time any where. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans,
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you won't want to count on windows eight to protect you from malware. that's the news from mcafee. windows eight has better security than windows seven but its analysts more targeted malware will be available for eight than when the earlier version was released. there are ranks of fins but they prayers are heartfelt. two weeks after the shooting in newton connecticut people gathered today for a vigil in the snow. >> we're a smaller crowd, but it's always important. it's not only important for the
5:57 pm
community, it's also important for the clergy to, pray and be together and keep ourselves strong. >> about 50 people met on a snow covered soccer field for an interfaith vigil. jews, muslims, buddhists and christians prayed side by side in the freezing cold. they came to remember the 20 children and six teachers who lost their lives two weeks ago today. one minister said their lives will never be the same. >> that can be received as bad news, and we can cycle it into dispair or we can say our lives will never be the same and we decide how we move forward. >> in another sign that the town is moving forward, newtown plans to dismantle the memorials. today the victim's families were invited to visit the memorial and take home any items they would like to keep. >> bay area police here are gearing up for a dui crack
5:58 pm
down. we'll tell you about a new proposal aimed at bringing down dui arrests. a ban for americans trying to adopt from russia. it's official. hear from one woman who says she is not giving up her fight of bringing a little russian girl to the bay area.
5:59 pm

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